My Name is: Dan Wooldridge, I was born in January 1943 and I was born-again in September 1963. I was married in August 1968. I am still married and waiting for thr Lord Jesus to call me home. Until then my heart will go on singing and my life poured out in the service of the one who is from everlasting. I am not ashamed to confess that I live by the life of another who is greater than me.

My heartfelt thanks to all those who have provided me with inspiration and  resources concerning the study and understanding of the scriptures.

I have been taught the scriptures for as long as I can remember.

Many, in the early  years, were not “born-again” but the foundation for the love and the trust of the  scriptures was laid in me.

After 1963 I was born-again and so those who preached and taught the word of God  have had a profound effect on me. I want to thank all of you who have had a  spiritual input into my life.


To my teachers & helpers:

This material is made  possible because of you. I am grateful to the hundreds of writers and teachers, both classical and  contemporary, who have shared their thoughts & teachings with me and helped me  learn these truths that I live by.


I thank God and you for the privilege & joy of  sharing in them with you. I find it impossible to write, preach, teach or share  what I know without somehow unconsciously quoting or being influenced by all the  many people who have been a help to me.

In my case, I had to migrate from the UK to Australia before I met someone who  could actually say that they knew the Lord Jesus Christ. I realised that the peace  and the joy that they had was genuine and I knew that that is what I wanted as  well. I knew my conscience was burdened and that I had done and said things that I  was ashamed of. I was coming up to my 21st birthday and I wondered what meaning or  impact my life had had. I had a great longing for a new start. I wanted the burden  to be lifted. I wanted to have an inner peace. I had heard about Jesus, I knew  about him but I certainly did not know him. Coming across people who had so  obviously met the creator of the universe and had been changed through that meeting was  the opening of the doorway of hope for me.

I heard the gospel, from the lips and the lives of these born-again people, in a  completely new way from anything that I had heard before. The Bible was alive and relevant to these people. Faith was awakened in my heart and in my longing and hunger  to know the Lord for myself I realised that my sins had to be forgiven. I had to  ask for forgiveness and forsake the self-centred and selfish life that I had been  living. By the grace and the truth that is in the Lord Jesus Christ I have never  been the same as I was. To be born again, to be given a brand-new start, to  appreciate the real meaning of freshness and to enjoy the comfort and security of  having a brand-new boss has been the foundation of my new life in Jesus Christ. I  would that everybody comes to know the power of God and His salvation.



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