You will be able to get some training for MAX7. I’m also putting up a file download area that will have message outlines that can be used very simply. the outline just has the headings & the bible references.

Preaching School: I hope to expand a section on this. Preaching is the chosen way to change lives. Your preaching saves you & saves those that really hear you. we are a “preaching church”

The information will be there for me to be able to get quickly for my own use. I have been very stirred about preaching & the flowing of the spirit in our meetings.

We will be doing some material for the Host Home groups. We have to stay focused. We are not big enough as a church to just keep diversifying just because someone has a good idea. You can have great ideas & follow them as long as its a team of one - just you & you are not already committed to be part of any other team. We are one church spread over many areas.

This means we must work together & consider one another. I hope that we will not become so diluted that we nothing well or to a completion.


STORY TELLING  Story Telling

BELONGING        Belonging


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