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  At crosslife we serve the Lord Jesus in our daily lives and also by coming together as local churches in a planned and practical manner.  Our main service time is on Sunday.  We also have midweek Host Home meetings as well as special services for children and youth.  The life of a local church is centred around loving God with all of our heart and loving our spiritual brother as ourselves.  The love of God will turn our love towards God. This the prime directive of a Christian and this is coupled with loving people.
 The Bible does differentiate between three types of people, people in general as  our neighbours, people who know the Lord Jesus Christ with whom we are not intimately familiar with and those people who know the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to serve God with us and remember the Lord’s table with us.


 The Word of God

To us, faith in the Word of God must include doctrine and practice that is clearly supported by scripture. The scriptures do not say different things to different people. The scripture is the Word of God. We take the bible that is commonly known as the King James Bible to be the Word of God. The same word applies to all. God made all of mankind for fellowship with Himself. This is made possible through the Cross of Calvary.


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