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crosslife churches present an opportunity to experience, at first hand, the news that God has given us in Christ Jesus. Whenever we think of matters concerning Christianity the most imperative question that we need to ask ourselves is:
“Do I consider myself to be a good person?”

 Two Rules

 Known as The Ten Commandments: We All Have a Guilty Conscience Before God

We are to love God with everything that we have!
all our heart
all our mind
all our strength

We are to love our neighbour as we love ourselves & to do to them as we would want them to do to us

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 One Principle

You can’t please God without FAITH in Jesus Christ.
Our knowledge of Jesus Christ comes from The Bible.

 The Facts

God is not only a God of LOVE BUT also a God of JUSTICE


The Justice of God demands the penalty for sin - he just can’t let it go

His Justice is satisfied because in his love He allows His only Son Jesus to take the punishment for sins that he did not commit himself.

God’s mercy tells us that if we will show sorrow for our sins and believe in the payment that His Son has made [he took our penalty & died instead of us, his blood was shed on the cross for us] THEN in Mercy He will forgive us and gives us a new start at life.


1. You are not allowed to have any other God except the ONE TRUE GOD

2. You cannot practice any form of Idolatry - worship or honour anything or anyone more then God.

3. You must not take the Name of the Lord in vain- this would include curse words.

4. Remember to keep the Sabbath day Holy - Live holy lives that honour the Lord. Jesus teaches us that every day is to be Holy - not just a single day in the week or year.

5 We must honour our parents especially in the Lord. At the very least we should forgive our parents when we have need to.

6. We are not to kill each other. This includes the thoughts of hatred.

7. We must not do adultery - any sexual activity outside of marriage. Whether this is culturally acceptable or not.

8. We are not to steal

9. We are not to give false (lying) witness

10. We are not to covet - desire & long for things that belong to other people.

Our problem is that all of us without exception have broken one, some or all of these ten commandments - this is called SIN and we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. If we are brutally honest with ourselves we will admit that we have a guilty conscience. A conscience that constantly reminds us that we have failed to do what we ought to do. We know, deep within ourselves, what is right and what is wrong. Every person has a conscience. Nobody has, of themselves, a completely clear and clean conscience. There are far reaching consequences to this situation.

Compare KJV 2_10 Commandments.vbprj_0
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