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What to Expect
1-yellow-flower-bouquetYou are coming to Church. Churches meet in homes to Cathedrals. The venue may differ BUT a church meets in the name of Jesus our Lord and is different from any other type of meeting.

So it is "come as you are" but it is special and needs some sort of respect. It is not so much in the way that you dress but in your concept of considering other people.

This page will hopefully answer some of the questions you might have about your first visit, and if not, feel free to get in touch.  GET IN TOUCH

What Not to Expect
We’re not going to ask you to do anything you don’t want to do. We’re not going to ask you to pray out loud, or read out loud from the bible, or stand up and introduce yourself in the middle of the room. Nor are we going to slap a ‘visitor’ label on you or doing anything else to make you stick out in the crowd.

But we’re not going to ignore you either. You’re going to meet a lot of friendly people, and we’re going to look after you and make sure you have a meaningful experience at crosslife.

Before you arrive
What should I wear? There’s no need to get all dressed up - think comfortable, think clean and casual.

When you arrive
Where should I park?
This would depend on the church meeting location. There is often "off street" parking. Some of our services are held in homes so please don’t park across driveways.

 Do I need to ‘check-in’? No, but someone will meet you at the door with a friendly smile.

After you arrive
7647_mWhat about my kids?
Bring them! We are used to having children our services. Jesus always had a bunch of kids around him. We do have special kids program called MAX7 & MiniMAX7.

These are held on Saturday afternoon. Children in services are expected. Will they all behave well - probably not but don't worry about this. It This wont stop the presence of the Lord being in the service. God loves children. We have experienced volunteers to help with children who will help you if you would like that help.

Where should I sit? There are no ‘reserved’ seats at crosslife - so sit wherever you can. We will find you a seat if we are full. We try to leave the back seats free for visitors who may want to use them

During the service
The Service
We try to make every service a unique experience, but there are a few parts that our services share in common.

The Welcome Card You will my be given or you may ask for a “Welcome Card” which you can fill in if you would like to. It tells us a bit about you and has the opportunity to leave a prayer request and a response to the message that you heard. You may put your completed form in the offering bag as it passed round.

Reading the Bible aloud We often read the bible aloud during the service. We have pew bibles and you are welcome to follow along or even read out loud if you want to. The history of the bible in English is centred around getting the bible read by all the nation.

Communion Jesus instructed his disciples at the last supper to do this often - it’s a custom in which we eat broken bread and drink grape juice to remember Jesus Christ. If you wish to participate you are more than welcome, but we recognize that as a guest you might feel uncomfortable joining in - if so, that’s OK. Just pass the tray along to the next person.

Tithes and offerings When tithes and offerings are collected, it’s an opportunity to give part of our finances back to God, and also to contribute to projects within the church, such as child sponsorship. Please don’t feel obliged to give if you don’t want to, we certainly don’t want to pressure you, so just pass the bag onto the next person when the helpers come by. However, you are welcome to give if you want to, and for this reason envelopes are provided on every seat, so you can enclose your gift and put it in the bag.

elle1Singing Singing is a big part of our worship experience, but we know that singing is not everybody’s thing. That’s OK! If you don’t want to sing along, you can just listen.

Praying out loud. We do pray out loud but you will not be asked to join in but you may join in if you want to. Praying is is just talking to God in the name of Jesus believing that he hears us. You can pray “under your breath” if you like. Saying “Amen” simply means “Yes I agree”.

The Message We believe the Bible has solutions for the issues of life, so part of our service is devoted to presenting these solutions. These messages are designed to be practical and relevant.

After the service Stick around after the service - it’s a great time to get to know people better.

As a guest, we want to make you feel enriched, and say thanks for spending your time with us. That’s why you are welcome to stay around for a "cuppa" and a snack or two. We may even get to know each other a little better.


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5 College Drive  COWRA NSW   2794    AUSTRALIA      P 0263 411375

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