How to find KING JAMES BIBLE dictionary

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How to Find the Built-In Dictionary of the King James Bible

“The Question of archaic words in the Bible”

If you know the 5 goals that the King James Bible translators were given, you will know that is intended to teach people how to read & comprehend English. It was not an original new translation but a polishing of the 6 English bibles that went before it.

How far can you take this? Well, you can look for yourself. There 4 basic rules and something to remember. Remember that the King James Bible uses repetition, indeed the originals use repetition all the time - just read your bible - everything is repeated again and again but the King James Bible uses repetition on nouns and phrases. In modern English we use repetition to add to meaning but the King James Bible uses repetition of a noun to explain meaning or rather define meaning. You can prove this by using the early English dictionaries. They will define words using King James Bible terms.

There are 4 simple rules to find the definition of a word. The first one that we can look at is: “the definition will be beside the first occurrence of the word in the King James Bible. For instance “Chapman” - the King James Bible tells us that a “Chapman” is a merchant. The dictionary will bear this out.

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How to Find the Built-In Dictionary of the King James Bible


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