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What can you learn from John the Baptist? No 4

  What can you learn from John the Baptist? No 4   Four simple lessons from John the Baptist God works though individuals Be quiet before the Lord Position and prestige are unimportant in the kingdom of God Use money properly & scripturally   [KJV] [Matthew 11:11] Verily I say unto you, Among them that… Read More »


Why I Speak in Tongues Doctrine of “Tongues” The significance of “The Promise Of The Father” and the use of the definite article. So Many Christians No Longer Speak In Tongues So Let The Word Of God Speak Only promise of the Father That is called THE promise. Think about this there is only ONE… Read More »

So Just Where is the Original Text of the Bible Kept 1

To answer this question, there is only one reliable place that we can go. We must allow the Bible itself to tell us where the New Testament source documents are kept for safekeeping. Why should we take this approach? The answer is simple because we are told very clearly where the Old Testament source documents… Read More »

Just Who Says that the Original Language of the New Testament Was Greek?

Praise God I was saved in 1963. The people who witnessed this saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ were part of a small bible believing church. This local church was full of faith, love and hope. We all rejoiced in our salvation and grew in a love and consideration of each other. We wanted… Read More »

Should churches teach separation from the world?

Should churches teach separation from the world? This question stirs up a host of answers and often great feeling. To what extent should a church teach doctrine? And if the Church should teach doctrine what should that doctrine consist of? And if the Church does teach doctrine to what extent should it be concerned about… Read More »