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Marslow & You the Child of Your Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ His Son

I have been lent a book called “The Amputee Coach” to read by my physiotherapist. It has some very good material & great exercises, but it attempts to define life in terms of mind & emotions and brings up Maslow and the hierarchy of needs or as it now called the science of happiness. It… Read More »


Why I Speak in Tongues Doctrine of “Tongues” The significance of “The Promise Of The Father” and the use of the definite article. So Many Christians No Longer Speak In Tongues So Let The Word Of God Speak Only promise of the Father That is called THE promise. Think about this there is only ONE… Read More »

Easter Again

How can it be Easter again? Apart from all the interesting discussions about the Jewish Passover feast and the Easter holiday that Pontius Pilate was talking about, about which Sabbath day was mentioned as Jesus died on the cross. I mean it was it the normal Saturday night Sabbath or was it the special Passover… Read More »

Reformation Day

Earlier this week one of the young people, my daughter, came to me wanting to do something special for some of the children who came to our main services. These children are between upper primary level and first year in high school. Halloween was coming up and she wanted to do something with them concerning… Read More »