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So Just Where is the Original Text of the Bible Kept 1

To answer this question, there is only one reliable place that we can go. We must allow the Bible itself to tell us where the New Testament source documents are kept for safekeeping. Why should we take this approach? The answer is simple because we are told very clearly where the Old Testament source documents… Read More »

Is the King James Bible hard to understand?

  Don’t be stuck or confused by the English that is used in the King James Bible.  The language of the King James Bible is a form of simple and yet very precise English. The English that is used is mainly the common simple words that we use today. There are about 1000 words that… Read More »

King James Bible in-built dictionary is finally finished. Series 11–3

My 1st work on the King James Bible in- built dictionary is finally finished. Series 11–33 It called The Adventure of the King James Bible. Series 1 – 3 This is a set of DVDs that set out to convince you that the King James Bible contains its own complete dictionary for any unknown words… Read More »