Will the Lord Jesus Christ Heal our Bodies?

By | July 5, 2008

Will the Lord Jesus Christ heal our bodies? This is a question that asked a lot of times. We need to know what the Word of God says before we look at peoples’ experiences.

The King James Bible has many scriptures that will support that Jesus Christ does heal bodies.

After all Jesus Christ is the miracle worker.

So let’s ask a couple of questions.

  1. If healing of a body falls under what is called a “miracle” then what does that imply.
  2. Is there a difference between what the Lord Jesus Christ can do & what the Lord Jesus Christ will do?

Looking at question 2. There is a difference, in general, between “CAN” & “WILL”. A difference between “ABLE TO DO” & “COMMITMENT TO DO”.

Really the doctrine of present day healing of our bodies swings around these two poles. We know that God is able to heal us BUT does God want to heal us?

We then refine that to “we know that God can heal us but does he want to heal us AT THIS TIME?

In the end we would like to move the healing of our bodies into the realm of the will of God at that time and for that healing. This results in us all having to know what God will do in a situation before we exercise faith. Or that we exercise what was called faith and the result tells us what God wanted to do in the situation.

In the Word of God the Lord Jesus always responds to faith. In all the records of healing it is the faith that is examined. Even the case when the Lord Jesus said it was not meet to give the children’s bread to dogs, it is faith that wins the day.

The next question would be – if we can show what the Word of God says, are we going to abide in the instructions that the Word of God gives?

People often try to show that there is difference between having your sins forgiven and having your body healed. They say this because often we are sick again after we are healed. BUT it is fair to say that we also commit sins after we have been born again and have been forgiven. No matter what we think about these matters we should at least know what the Word of God has to say about this matter.

If we look carefully at the King James Bible, then we will find the answers that God has made available to us. Are we prepared to read and look?

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