Settings of the King James Bible

By | July 2, 2011

2nd July – 2011

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 For many years now the publishing of the holy Bible has fallen into commercial hands. There is nothing new in this, in fact, when the first Revision of the King James Bible in the 1880s was to be published there were arguments and copyright battles over the rights of the American edition. The trade in Bibles is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

So what does “Settings of the King James Bible” actually mean? Bible publishers are found to be cavalier and casual in their attention to detail and accuracy when it comes to the actual printing of the material contained in the holy Bible. This is quite apart from deliberately misleading and changing the words of the Bible between editions.

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The printing of the holy Bible is entrenched in commercial hands. It is big business. I personally believe that the King James Bible is the word of God in English. Whoever is the publisher of the Bible, they should take particular care to make sure that the settings are accurate and without flaws.

Type is not set in the same way that it used to be. Once a mistake is made it is very easily replicated over and over again. I am sure that we have all read books which have “setting” mistakes within them. We can often see these types of mistakes when we haven’t written the material ourselves. Sometimes, in our own writing, we brush these embarrassing mistakes off as “typos.” Anybody who has ever published anything has had problems with these “settings” or typological mistakes. We don’t pick up these mistakes in our own material and we don’t pick them up when we believe and trust the material that we are reading. Even so, these mistakes are there and even if they don’t change our perception they can change the perception of other people reading them. We should be able to buy a King James Bible free of careless mistakes in the setting of the printed type.

Most of us will read a Bible, especially King James Bible, with the implicit understanding that the text that we are reading is correct.

If you have not read Gail Riplinger’s article about the “Settings” of the King James Bible them please click on this link:


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Having the written word of God is more important for the human race than clean air, clean water, a stable climate, world peace or any other consideration. Don’t let a matter as important as this, lie entirely in the hands of commercialism.



Settings of the King James Bible

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