Is the King James Bible hard to understand?

By | August 23, 2010


Don’t be stuck or confused by the English that is used in the King James Bible.

 The language of the King James Bible is a form of simple and yet very precise English. The English that is used is mainly the common simple words that we use today. There are about 1000 words that might be considered difficult to understand or comprehend. Some of these words are very special words for use in a reverent and biblical way.

The wonderful thing about the King James Bible is that it properly defines any words that you can’t understand or comprehend. Once you learn how to find these definitions you will be able to know exactly what the Bible means in using these words..

All dictionaries seek to give a definition for words. The more expensive and larger dictionaries will not just give a generalized definition of the word but will take the time to show you how different authors have used that word and so show you a definition that they, the individual authors, mean in using the word in question.

In our case, we want to know what the King James Bible means by the use of words that we do not understand or comprehend. For the sake of understanding the King James Bible we do not need to know what any other author means by the word in question, we are seeking the meaning of the word as used in the King James Bible. In other words, we want to know what God means by that word. We can find out exactly what he is intending to communicate to us by the use of that word within the King James Bible.

So God, in his mercy, provides his own definitions and meanings of the words that he chooses to use by the use of various types of repetition and parallel phrases. This author has produced a detailed set of teaching and examples so that you, a keen and diligent reader of the King James Bible, will be able to discover for yourself the various definitions and meanings of the words that you come across within the King James Bible that you do not properly understand or comprehend. This will allow you to read the King James Bible in its proper context, and you will be able to have the confidence to know exactly what the Lord God is saying to you within his word.

There is nothing new about this concept of the King James Bible containing its own definitions. It seems that the practice of letting the Bible, the King James Bible, define its own meanings has fallen away while people turn to other sources like modern dictionaries, ancient Greek philosophers, lexicons and the like. They vainly imagine the Lord Jesus is not able to provide his own holy explanation of what he intends to say.

Now I know that understanding the meaning of individual words is not really enough. We need to understand the meaning of what is being said or what the Lord is saying to us and to do that we need to understand not only the meanings of individual words but the syntax and the context in which those words are used. The easiest and safest way to understand the context and the meanings of the words used within the King James Bible is simply to start reading the King James Bible from the first chapter all the way through in sequence to the end of the King James Bible. Believe it or not the King James Bible is designed so that as you read it from start to finish your understanding and comprehension of the context of the various words used will build and grow as you read it from start to finish. So start reading your King James Bible from Genesis to Revelation today. It is never too late to start and it is never too soon to start. Start reading your King James Bible from the beginning to the end as a sequence of verses and chapters day by day. Your mind will be able to grasp the context meaning of the way in which the words are used so that you will truly be able to know what the Lord God is saying to you through his son the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s almost too simple but it is part of God’s divine plan to have fellowship with you and to communicate to you what he wants you to know.

I would encourage you to look into this matter for yourself. You will enjoy the rich confidences of knowing what the Lord God means as he speaks to us through the King James Bible. The work that I’ve done, and indeed many other tools to enhance your enjoyment of the King James Bible may be had by following this link to the website of AV Publications.

Here are some nice things that the people who publish this work have to say about it on their website:

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To find this work on their site enter the homepage and then click on shopping and this will take you to the link to this work so that you can get your own copy of “How to Find the King James Bible’s Built-In Dictionary” by Daniel Wooldridge.

While you are there take a look around this virtual bookstore. It highlights the works of Gail Riplinger and many other authors interested in the power and truth of the King James Bible. Enjoy a browse around this well-equipped bookstore.

Don’t forget that to be able to enjoy the practical knowledge that is resting within the King James Bible you will need to understand how to uncover its own inbuilt dictionary. My own tutorial work “How to Find the King James Bible’s Built-In Dictionary” is available for sale from the website of AV Publications.

I will be glad to hear from you or read any comments that you may have.

You will find this work at

In the coming blogs, we will look at different sections of this concept of letting the King James Bible define its own words and usage. Until then happy King James Bible reading, studying and looking. Remember whatever you do also include the practice of reading the King James Bible straight through from Genesis to Revelation day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year.

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