King James Bible in-built dictionary is finally finished. Series 11–3

By | April 15, 2010

My 1st work on the King James Bible in- built dictionary is finally finished. Series 11–33

It called The Adventure of the King James Bible. Series 1 – 3

This is a set of DVDs that set out to convince you that the King James Bible contains its own complete dictionary for any unknown words that you might come across and then persuades you to use this dictionary rather than go to any external sources. The completed DVDs have been sent to AV publications for distribution through their web bookshop. It is an exciting time from me five been able to work on this project long and hard. The source material has come from Gail Riplinger. Her research books on the wonders and the power of the King James Bible are well known. These DVDs follow the examples given in her books The Language of the King James Bible, In Awe Thy Word and Hazardous Materials.

The DVD set consists of 16 DVDs +1 DVD that explains how the system works and another DVD that contains all the workbooks in PDF format. The full number of sessions run for 11 1/2 hours and consists of 3 series, 16 sessions and 37 chapters. There are 16 workbooks that follow the DVDs and have hands-on questions that need to be answered as you go.

It is my prayer and hope that you will be fully convinced that the King James Bible contains a hidden dictionary, and that you will be fully persuaded to use this dictionary to find out the meaning of words within the King James Bible.

There is nothing new within this concept but Christians have not been persuaded to use the King James Bible to define its own words. They would much rather go to outside sources than the text of the King James Bible itself. I don’t have any idea how much AV publications will charge for this set of DVDs that they should be made available soon. This set of DVDs is remarkable, and that they do not need a computer to be played. You will be able to play these DVDs on any DVD player and use a remote control to navigate the menus. The workbooks are presented in a PDF format so that you will be able to print your own sets as many as you need.

I’m thanking the Lord Jesus for help that I have received in completing this work and my prayer areas that this will help bring the King James Bible back to the position that it justly deserves as the written word of God. There have been many authors that have pointed out this wonderful dictionary contained inside the King James Bible. All that I have done is make this dictionary a little easier to find and to use. It is so important to know the meanings of the words that the author actually means. God has given us his word and his word is not full of mistakes. It seems to me today that some Christians prefer to follow the Ministry rather than the word. The knowledge of Jesus the son of God is the power of the Christian life. That knowledge can be found within the King James Bible the people who will sincerely read this Bible with a hungry and the humble heart.

I’m not interested in getting into a drawn out discussion on what the apparent Greek or Hebrew might mean. simply believe that the King James Bible is the exact mirror of what the existing Greek and Hebrew meant. I believe that the King James Bible is the word of God. I believe that the King James Bible is pure and honest. The proofs and wonders of the King James Bible are beyond mere chance, they show the divine hand of God.

I hope that you get a chance to investigate this dictionary for yourself. I hope that you become convinced that this dictionary exists. I hope that you become persuaded to use this dictionary for yourself.

God bless you & keep you

Your brother in Christ Jesus


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