Monthly Open Fellowship Lunch

By | October 6, 2008

Last Sunday 5th October – 2008 was our 2nd Monthly Fellowship Lunch. What a blessed time. Some of the parents and friends came along. We all brought some food and we were able to share together. The men had just got home from the 2008 Men’s camp where one of the visitors had found salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The afternoon meeting was a very happy time. A brother was filled with the Holy Spirit afterwards. I, Dan Wooldridge, fell asleep (not in the bible sense) after a very happy & fulfilling few days.


Several of us are off to tea together this Monday 6th October – 2008. It will be a time of enjoyment and fellowship. I’m so happy that all over the world, every day, more people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ for themselves. It is a great time to serve god in!

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