Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone

This is one of the 2 passages that I vividly remember from my early teenage years. The other one came out of revelations – behold I stand at the door and knock. I’m not sure what it was about the live coal in the hand of the Seraphim being laid on the prophet’s lips that… Read More »

Water Baptism Episode 7

Water Baptism E07 The water that divides Notes to You for This Episode During this episode I urge you to pause the video and read the Scripture references for yourself! You can also follow the link in the description to find the transcript for this episode with the full text and references. Why must I… Read More »

Water Baptism Episode 06

Water Baptism E06 The water that divides Baptized in Water Episode 06 Encouraging Words What baptism did you experience? When Paul, the apostle, was travelling through the country provinces he eventually came to Ephesus. He found several believers, acknowledged Christians, he asked them about their experience in the Lord. In this case it was about… Read More »

Water Baptism Episode 5

Water Baptism Episode 5 Baptized in Water Episode 05 Encouraging Words The like figure whereunto  even baptism doth also now save us 1 Peter 3:21  The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us……. This is explaining the experience of Noah and the worldwide flood And how this relates to the new covenant… Read More »


Baptizm In Water Episode 4 from Encouraging Words The Water Baptism Is symbol of Death & Resurrection < Baptism in water episode 4 – exploring the various teachings and doctrines associated with water baptism and the effect they have on our lives. Paul tells the church at Rome that When you are baptised into Christ… Read More »


Water Baptizm in Water 3 Baptism in Water Baptism is symbolic of being in the Body of Christ It is a symbol – a mark that you belong It’s part of your public confession and conversation It is the mark of “belonging” You will find that the Christians in the bible all follow the Lord… Read More »

Water Baptism Episode 2

WATER BAPTISM E02 Episode 2 The Water That Divides WATER BAPTISM Water baptism does NOT save: As a ceremonial rite on its own Just asking someone to baptise you in water will not save you on its own A Symbolic Act of Obedience Water baptism does not make you into a Christian Water baptism does… Read More »


WATER BAPTISM 1 Is Water Baptism For You? Do you know that Bible Teaches? Water Baptism Should you be baptised in water? Water baptism Is included in the Gospel Message? Water baptism is everywhere in the New Testament BAPTISMS in ACTS & OTHER New Testament Baptisms Peter Preaches water baptism It’s the 1st message in/to… Read More »

The Case for Speaking in Tongues 9 Transcript Notes

The Case for Speaking in Tongues 9 Transcript Notes The Case for Speaking in Tongues 9 Welcome back, my name is Dan Wooldridge, this is number 9 in the series, “The Case for Speaking in Tongues” Why Should You & I Speak in Tongues Often? Continuing the Doctrine of “Other Tongues” Just How Hungry Are… Read More »

How To Tell A Story

How To Tell A Story Study Notes and Workbook Storytelling Is an Art A resource for ministry to children My name is Daniel Wooldridge Born January 1943 in UK Arrived in Australia 1961 Born again 1963 Preach & teacher – pastor & church planter Ministry to children & storyteller My heart felt thanks To all… Read More »